3812 Gallery
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3812 Gallery was created by Calvin Hui and Mark Peaker. The name reflects a magical day in the French Alps when they and a group of friends skied at the magnificent Vallée Blanche. To access this off-piste run, you need to climb down a precarious ridge located 3,812 meters above sea level. As we skied that morning in the shadow of Mont Blanc, our skis carved our signature in the snow as a painter leaves his brushstroke upon a canvas, and we saw a new horizon and found fresh inspiration. In homage to that day immersed within the art of nature, 3812 Gallery was born.

3812 Gallery is recognised as one of Hong Kong's premier Chinese contemporary art galleries with a specific focus on ink. Co-founder Calvin Hui also founded Ink Asia Hong Kong in 2015 to promote ink art globally, which is acclaimed as the world's first art fair specialising in contemporary ink art.
3812 Gallery's unique perspective on art and relationship with our artists form the core of our art of living concept as reflected in our methodology.